My latest projects:

CAFE Author Page

Every week I write a recap of the latest political-legal news for Preet Bharara’s venture, CAFE. Those can be found here.

I am writing for Forensic News, founded by Scott Stedman. I analyzed the turnover in the Trump administration, comparing it to past administrations, here. I also investigated a troll-bot network on Twitter that is pushing for war with Iran.

Coming up: I am currently working on a BIG project investigating the funding for the recent radical anti-abortion laws. It should be posted in September.

45 Chaos website

As usual, I am still keeping the spreadsheet of Trump administration departures up to date. It is also a website! Updates are posted to /r/45chaos.

Speaking of reddit, I started a new subreddit to keep track of far-right ideologies and the increase in right-wing domestic terrorism: /r/yall_qaeda.

Y’all Qaeda subreddit

I am also still moderating /r/keep_track and /r/RussiaLago.

What else….?

I have ideas for soooo many projects I want to start on! Paying work takes priority, but I’ll keep chipping away at my side projects.