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The Basics

My name is Adrienne Cobb, I am a political writer, researcher, and archaeologist. I live in Washington State, but I was born and spent the earliest part of my life on the East Coast. My favorite color is green, I have Norse runes tattooed on my fingers, and I want to change the world.

My projects

Keep_TrackForensic News45 ChaosSave the VoteYall_Qaeda

I write about the latest developments in the investigations into the Trump administration and Trump associates, including those conducted by the Senate, the House, the Feds, and the States. My projects, including the weekly feature Lost in the Sauce, can be found on this website or on reddit (my profile), where I moderate the /r/keep_track community.

NEW for April: I have started a weekly feature chronicling the administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. I believe it is important to hold the president and the federal government accountable for their actions, especially in a situation like this when it has cost thousands of lives. The “coronavirus response” feature is posted every Friday on this website and /r/keep_track.

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Check out Forensic News, founded by journalist Scott Stedman. I research and write articles about various topics, which are published on the Forensic News website!

I moderate a growing community of over 128,000 users on Reddit, called /r/keep_track, where we crowdsource keeping track of developments in the investigations into Trump’s administration. My weekly recaps are also posted there, where over 4,000 people regularly view them.  Here’s my profile. Please come join us at keep_track, we always need more eyes and ears!

New subreddit: /r/yall_qaeda, where we track the growing threat of right-wing domestic terrorism. And /r/savethevote, where we track voter suppression.

Tracking Trump Admin Turnover

I created a spreadsheet of all the departures in the Trump administration, which is now over 410 individuals since Trump first took office. It can be found in Google spreadsheet form or in the prettier website version.
When the list is updated, I post a notification to /r/45chaos. Note, the spreadsheet has two other lists: one for failed nominations, which is mostly complete, and one for empty positions, which is under construction.

Help support this effort

I have a Patreon – if you are so inclined to contribute, I definitely appreciate it! However, I feel a little strange about asking for donations, so please know that I will continue creating my usual content regardless. If recurring donations are not your thing, maybe Venmo, Paypal ,or buy me a coffee?

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Contact me

Questions, comments, or suggestions can be sent to me via Twitter DM or the contact form below.