What’s up with the fight for Trump’s taxes? AKA what is Chairman Neal waiting for?

Almost exactly a month ago, Steve Mnuchin and the IRS failed to comply with House Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal’s subpoena for Trump’s taxes. Since then, nothing has happened. On May 22, three weeks ago, New York State passed a law that allows the House Ways and Means Committee to request an individual’s state tax returns, including Trump’s. […]

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Former White House Counsel complying with Trump’s request not to testify…a month after his law firm was paid $2 million by the RNC

[see update at bottom of post] Yesterday, the Office of Legal Counsel released an opinion that Congress cannot compel McGahn to testify about his official duties when he worked in the White House. Trump then sent a letter to McGahn directing him not to testify. McGahn told Chairman Nadler he will not show up today […]

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