Coronavirus response: Trump denies funeral aid as minority communities suffer without tests & treatment

Welcome, dear readers, to my coronavirus roundup. I’m posting these every Friday in addition to Lost in the Sauce on Mondays (for non-coronavirus news). Title refers to the sections “Minorities and low-income communities” and “Trump sits on funeral aid” Short summary at very end – scroll to bottom if you’re short on time. Housekeeping: HOW TO […]

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Coronavirus response: The Republican-led plan to force states to reopen is revealed

The lost months The WHO was prepared Contradicting Trump’s recent criticism of the World Health Organization (WHO) – saying they “minimized the threat” and “could have called it months earlier” – the Washington Post reported that Americans working with WHO provided real-time information about the virus when it first emerged last year: More than a dozen U.S. researchers, physicians […]

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