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  • The Synopsis: an in-depth review of the biggest stories from the past 7 days, summing up what you need to know in order to be prepared for the week ahead in political-legal news. Posted to /r/keep_track and on my website, RusticGorillaPress.
  • Lost in the Sauce: keeping you caught up on the smaller stories that were overlooked in the landslide of big news like the impeachment inquiry. In any other administration, these events would be the big stories! Lost in the Sauce covers important events, policy changes, and legal decisions that will impact our nation (and potentially the world!) despite being overshadowed by the near-daily scandals of the Trump administration. Posted to /r/keep_track and on my website, RusticGorillaPress.
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Tracking resignations and firings from the Trump administration

Tracking stonewalling by the Trump administration