Trump campaign directed formation of alternative slate of electors; Kimberly Guilfoyle storms out of Committee interview


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The Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6th insurrection attempted to interview Kimberly Guilfoyle, the fiance of Donald Trump Jr., on Friday. She did not respond to questions, however, claiming that her agreement limited the virtual meeting to only staff lawyers. She reportedly objected to Reps. Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) and Jamie Raskin’s (D-MD) presence during the interview.

Guilfoyle spoke up and asked why members — and not just lawyers and committee staff — were on the call, three of the people said.

“Kim balked and said this isn’t my understanding,” one of the people said. A second person described her as “outraged,” since she believed this conversation was going to be more informative and not a formal deposition.

“Ms. Guilfoyle, under threat of subpoena, agreed to meet exclusively with counsel for the select committee in a good faith effort to provide true and relevant evidence,” her lawyer said in a statement. “However, upon Ms. Guilfoyle’s attendance, the committee revealed its untrustworthiness, as members notorious for leaking information appeared. Then, while counsel briefly halted the meeting to address the matter, our concerns about the presence of the committee’s members were validated, as the committee within less than two minutes leaked news of the break to the news media.”

A Committee spokesman said Guilfoyle will likely be issued a subpoena to compel her testimony in upcoming days.

Alternate electors

The Select Committee also met with David Shafer, the chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, and former Party Secretary Shawn Still last week. Shafer and Still served as “alternate” electors for Georgia in the hopes of overturning Biden’s victory in the 2020 election.

“Although we believe the subpoena issued by the Select Committee is unenforceable under House Rules, Chairman Shafer and Mr. Still were happy to help the committee understand the events of December 14, 2020, and correct errors in the renewed media coverage of those events,” attorney Bob Driscoll wrote in a statement issued to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The pair reportedly told the Committee that the Trump campaign gave the order for the Georgia Republican Party to create the fake elector slate.

Classified documents

The House Oversight Committee is expanding its investigation into the Trump administration’s handling of White House records after the National Archives and Records Administration confirmed “significant potential violations of the Presidential Records Act and other federal laws governing the preservation of federal records.”

“In response to a request from the Committee, the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) provided new details of what appear to be the largest-scale violations of the Presidential Records Act since its enactment,” Chairwoman Carolyn Maloney wrote in a letter (pdf) sent last week. “I am deeply concerned that former President Trump may have violated the law through his intentional efforts to remove and destroy records that belong to the American people.”

The Trump White House failed to capture presidential records on social media platforms and is “continuing to search for missing records from the Trump Administration” because of White House staffers who conducted official business “using nonofficial electronic messaging accounts that were not copied or forwarded to their official electronic messaging accounts.”

NARA also confirmed that Trump took records to Mar-a-Lago that are the very highest levels of classification, and this will make describing the contents to the Committee difficult.